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    Any opinions on the script/film? Any suggestions for even better true life expose films? I thought it was structurally almost perfect but I'm new to this and would love to hear more experienced writers' opinions.

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    I really enjoyed the film. Michael Mann really has a way with colors and shot compositions that's really striking. It weighed in at nearly three hours like most Michael Mann films do, but the acting was pitch perfect and the length didn't really bother me because it was well paced, unlike Ali.

    As far as the script goes, have you read the screenplay, India? If not you can find it in correct format at:


    As a beginning writer it is an example of what not to do, unless you are an Oscar nominated director. It's written with a lot of description (and a lot of it finds its way into the film); hand gestures, voice inflections, etc. Also they just got the script for Heat over at screentalk.


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      Thanks for the tip. I'll go read it. On second thought, maybe I won't yet. What's a good example of how you should write a screenplay? I'll try that first.


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        You can pick up some good advice on the basic mechanics of how to write a script in the loglines and script pages section on the board.

        Generally, since you're starting out, you have to keep the pages clean, learn to be economical on how you describe a setting. And don't take more than ten pages to hook the reader is the general rules.

        I don't mean to steer you away from 'The Insider' script. Don't look at is an example of how to write, rather as an example of how to tell a story, because although it is long, it has well-drawn characters.

        A great script to take a look at would be 'The Sixth Sense' (but don't use as many beats). Picking up the mechanics is fairly simple, its learning to apply those mechanics into a compelling story that takes time.


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          Also, any script you can't find on screentalk then try . . .

          They're pretty stacked although not all of them are in format. And correction, screentalk doesn't have 'The Insider' (I must be seeing things) but it is a movie page.