Script length vs. movie length



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  • Script length vs. movie length

    Some examples:

    The Sixth Sense
    Script: 113 pages
    Movie: 107 minutes

    Casino Royale
    Script: 112 pages
    Movie: 144 minutes (and the script has scenes that aren't in the movie)

    Kingdom of Heaven
    Script: 127 pages
    Movie: 194 minutes! (director's cut, based on the script)

    I know it's tough to predict how long your script would be if made into a film, so does anyone know if agents or managers under- or over-estimate how long a script would be just by looking at the page number?

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    Re: Script length vs. movie length

    It's not really the agent's or manager's job to make sure the script's up to length standards, but the studio that buys the script.
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      Re: Script length vs. movie length

      The general estimate is that one page equals one minute of screen time. You can't really expect a spec script to be the same exact length as the final film, though, because the script is often rewritten several times, and what is in the script is rarely exactly what is shot. The length of the movie also changes during the editing process.


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        Re: Script length vs. movie length

        The final length of a film is the result of the decisions and work done by the director and the editor... long after the script has been handed in.
        So, no. Managers and agents really don't try to analyze a script's expected run time