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    FFS gets us started.

    Question from a non-writer. What the hell is a "beat"?

    Any new element in the story.

    Think of the story as the spine and beats as the vertebrae.

    Examples of beats:

    A couple starts an argument.

    A father shows his son how to tie a knot.

    Bob takes out the ring and proposes.

    Fred arrives with the Christmas tree.
    The couple that starts an argument. Over what?

    Father showing son how to tie a knot? Does the son not want his help? Is this a bonding experience?

    Bob takes out the ring and proposes.

    Ere I Saw Elba asks:

    What would be your personal theme song, if you got to have one? From Lorimartian:

    Have you ever talked about working with Nathan Lane? He is so talented, and I remember that series. Was it a good experience?
    And finally, from Bill Slankard:

    I recently read how The Big Bang Theory wrote around Kaley Cuoco's riding accident and it made me wonder what happens when the unexpected happens, and the writing staff has to come up with a fix immediately and some future episodes. Does this happen a lot? And what do you do?

    It happens all the time. You just have to deal with it. You have to explain it away.

    During the course of a season I just expect curve balls like that.