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  • Rebel without a laugh

    Boy, here’s one I just don’t get. How does Rebel Wilson have this big career and keep getting gig after gig? I see she’s hosting some stupid dog show on NBC now. And I see her on commercials.

    Other than being mildly amusing in PITCH PERFECT, I have never found her funny.

    I know she was a big deal in Australia, but somehow crossing the Pacific she lost something.

    ABC gave her her own sitcom a few years back, SUPER FUN NIGHT. She starred and controlled the writing. It was truly terrible. She was given the creative control that few actors ever enjoy. Why??? Based on what?

    And look at the results.

    But that didn’t slow down her career for some reason. She did a number of movies where she wasn't funny. I thought, “Okay, maybe it’s just me.” So I started asking friends, both in the business and not, whether they liked Rebel Wilson. None of them did. Not one. Yes, it’s a small sample size, but none is none.

    Now she may be a lovely person. I’ve never met her. I have nothing personal against her. And it wouldn’t bother me except I know so many talented young actresses who are so much funnier, and they can’t get arrested while Rebel Wilson inexplicably keeps landing major gigs.

    So what am I missing here? Help me.