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    I sort of knew it was coming but I’m bummed out that Marv Albert is retiring at the end of this basketball season. He’s almost 80 so it’s understandable, but the NBA won’t be the same without Marv. For those unfamiliar, Marv has been the voice of the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Monday Night Football on the radio, local TV sports in New York, and national NBA play-by-play guy for any network that broadcast the NBA. He has announced countless NBA Finals.

    How good is Marv? If there’s a Mt. Rushmore of sportscasters, he’s on it.

    I know I’ll get no argument from New York sports fans. His calls on the radio have thrilled Gotham listeners for decades. But I’m a huge fan, and I grew up in Los Angeles. You don’t have to be from Vienna to appreciate Mozart.

    Marv has (and I love being able to still refer to the present tense) a tremendous presence on the air. He commands your attention. Blessed with the perfect voice for play-by-play, he rises to dramatic moments, has a keen knowledge of any sport he calls, is immaculately prepared, and (my favorite part) has a sense of humor. He works well with partners, and has a style all his own (now much copied).

    As a young man, when I would visit New York, I so looked forward to being able to hear Marv Albert on the radio. I don’t know how he coordinated both the Rangers and Knicks, but he was always on with one game or another. I wasn’t well versed on the players (especially the Rangers — I know **** about hockey), yet his pulsating narrative always enthralled me. I was thrilled when he became recognized nationally. I was able to hear him wherever I was.

    I wish him well in retirement and thank him for providing me such pleasure my entire life. Is Marv Albert one of the greatest sportscasters ever?