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    Starting to feel like summer. Vax so you can enjoy it. Here are this week’s Friday Questions.

    Jeff leads off.

    Ken, when you watch episodes of sitcoms you were involved with, do you sometimes recognize certain laughs coming from the audience?

    Yes. I recognize Jim Brooks (pictured above) on TAXI and THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW. He sounds almost like a donkey braying.

    Two distinct laughers on CHEERS were Phoef Sutton and the cackle of Bill Steinkellner. I occasionally hear Jim Burrows’ laugh as well.

    Chuck Lorre’s laugh is somewhat distinctive and I can pick it out from time to time on one of his shows. Alas, I am not a loud laugher. Especially at my own jokes.

    Matt wants to know:

    Who is on your Mt Rushmore of announcers. I know you will say Vin Scully (who wouldn’t) and you have just said Marc Albert. Who are the other two?

    Vin Scully, Marv Albert, Chick Hearn (of the Lakers), and Bill King (Raiders, Warriors, A’s).

    I don’t think anyone has ever called a better, more exciting football game on the radio than Bill King. He gave you chills.

    Same for Chick Hearn and basketball on the radio. Most basketball expressions (like slam dunk) were invented by “Chicky baby.”

    And while we’re on the subject of sportscasters, Jahn Ghalt wonders:

    Where do you stand on broadcasters as they start to lose it, even the legends? Should they be allowed to stay on forever or should someone nudge them to the door at some point, and if so, how do you do that respectfully?

    I think to protect them and their legacy, when iconic sportscasters start to lose it they should gracefully retire. It’s harder for broadcasters who have been with one team for many decades. Phasing them out might be one answer. Or if the announcer is really incapable of calling a game, someone has to make the hard call.
    Hey, it's not a Supreme Court Justice. You're not entitled to these jobs for life.

    I think you appeal to his pride. You want him to go out with dignity and remain beloved.

    As the old saying goes, it’s better to leave a year too early than a year too late.

    That said, I bet Vin Scully, (at 92) could still call a better game than 90% of the announcers out there.
    And finally, from Brian:

    I enjoyed your episode on writing. Have you ever been plagiarized? If so, what steps did you take?

    Not any TV writing that I know of. Had that been the case I would consulted my attorney.

    Before I had this blog, I would write snarky Oscar reviews and send them to my contact list. I found out that one radio talk show host on my list would go on the air and steal all of my material as if it was his own. Once I learned that he was promptly off my list.

    In my disc jockey days, there was an LA DJ who listened to me in San Bernardino and stole my material. I learned this when I applied for a job at his station and the program director accused me of stealing his jock's material. That resulted in a very angry phone call from me.

    Flash forward a few years and I’m on TenQ in Los Angeles every Saturday night. After six months on the air I got a call from that program director apologizing. He said, after listening to me and the quality and amount of my content it was clear I was the original and his disc jockey had stolen from me.

    What’s your Friday Question?