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    In no particular order of importance…

    It was announced yesterday that HACKS has been picked up for a second season by HBO Max. I guess my review really did the trick. You're welcome.

    Sure glad I’m not competing in the Olympics this year (I just missed out). NBC will be televising 500 hours of what could be the last major super spreader.

    I ate indoors at a restaurant for the first time in 16 months this week. I was going to eat outside but it was cold and rainy. I always say I’m very diligent about my own safety unless it inconveniences me.

    But I’m still not ready for stadiums. I already risked my life once going to a stadium — that was when the Raiders played at the LA Coliseum.

    Mayim Bialik is my current pick for new JEOPARDY host. I don't care how she dresses. Ken Jennings & Buzzy Cohen are tied for second. Mayim has a great voice, poise, kept the game moving, and really looked like she was having fun. Bill Whittaker from CBS looked like a guy who won a school raffle to host JEOPARDY.

    Ironically, Anderson Cooper was the smoothest, most polished guest host, but his ratings were the worst. Ken Jennings still has the highest (non Tournament of Champions).

    THE CHASE is a half-hour game show stretched to an hour.
    Apple announced a new operating system. Every time they do that I cringe. When I update things suddenly programs and apps that used to work fine now don't. Stop "improving!"

    What will get people back into movie theaters? IN THE HEIGHTS. It’s supposed to be great and in a recent Fandango poll of over 1300 moviegoers, 96% said that would be the first movie they’d go to see in a theater. Surprisingly, PETER RABBIT 2 did not score as high.
    Another reminder: I no longer post comments by "Anonymous" or "Unknown" readers.

    I still contend that last year's baseball season was a joke. Teams played 60 games against weird divisions. Take the standings this year at 60 games and compare them with the final standings later this fall. How many teams that qualified at 60 games won't by season's end? And how many teams that didn't by game 60 ultimately will by game 162? How much of an advantage did the Dodgers have playing all their postseason games in Texas last year versus Tampa Bay that spent time in San Diego? Everything about the 2020 MLB season deserves a big asterisk.

    TV sitcoms will be funnier this year, if for no other reason than writers will be together in one room again and not on Zoom. Zoom is the ice bucket challenge of comedy.

    Please get vaccinated. Or move to Mississippi.