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    Just when you thought broadcast television could not get any more insipid, along comes the CELEBRITY DATING GAME. All of ABC’s “celebrity” game show remakes are abominable, but this one might just be the worst. So congratulations to them. It take a lot to be worse than a show starring Anthony Anderson's mother.

    The original DATING GAME had its charm. There were stupid questions and answers (I know. I was a two-time contestant), but this was the 1960’s before single bars, matchmaking services, Tinder. And the couples went on actual dates. More about that later.

    Jim Lange hosted the original with poise and gravitas. This new version, for unfathomable reasons, is hosted by Zoey Deshanel and even more mystifying, co-hosted by Michael Bolton. Imagine Alex Trebek being replaced on JEOPARDY by Paris Hilton. Zoey’s not even adorkable anymore. She's just.. out of place and with zero hosting skills. And Bolton has become Lurch of THE ADDAMS FAMILY.

    The celebrities the ones looking for dates. Huge celebrities like Hannah Brown. The bachelors have to guess who she is. Hint: It’s not Taylor Swift. One moron said Taylor Swift. I saw this on THE MASKED SINGER too where knothead judge, Jenny McCarthy thought one of the singers was Taylor Swift. News flash: TAYLOR SWIFT IS NOT GOING TO DO ONE OF THESE STUPID SHOWS. A better guess is one of the extras on GLADIATOR.

    Some game shows age well. Others don’t. Since we’re now in the #MeToo era, the flirting and clumsy seduction that goes on feels really creepy. It’s from a different era. Who’s nostalgic for lounge lizards?

    Most of the CELEBRITY DATING GAME is filler. There are three rounds of idiotic questions, not just one. The vapid co-hosts toss in inane comments. The bachelors are all central casting frat boys or braindead models. Michael Bolton sings a song. Again, what the hell is he doing on this thing?

    Everybody dances around, trying to generate this horrible fake party atmosphere. And after watching a half-hour of this drivel, a winner is selected, and the show ends. Hey, what about the ****ing DATE? They don’t even have a planned date. My guess is the "celebrities" said "I don't want to be obligated to go on a date with one of these idiots."

    But if that's the case, just what the hell is the point? What are we watching? Why on every level does this nonsense even exist?

    Let me end by giving this show a big DATING GAME kiss… off.