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    71dude is up first.

    What are familiar, long-running shows that you've never seen (disinterest, don't like the star, never got around to it, etc.)?Brian asks:

    Were there any sets that were logistically challenging? I'm not speaking about difficult actor, just sets. From Kevin from VA, who has a question after reading my rant on Mike Myers.

    Some of the blowback to your post today on your dislike of Mike Myers has me curious. Have negative comments by your readers ever caused you to regret or reevaluate a post of yours? Just how much do the comments "stay with you", the good and the bad? Are there any posts that in hindsight you now wish you'd never published due to your reader's comments?
    And finally, from John G:

    Would you prefer the challenges of writing the early seasons of a show or the later seasons?