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    This is the one week that Mike Richards will be hosting JEOPARDY. It was supposed to be his first week as permanent and in a reversal of fortunes that saw him lose the gig and his Executive Producer job on both JEOPARDY and WHEEL OF FORTUNE and he is now out of the business. If only Trump could have such a fall from grace. (Actually, no -- I don't wish Mike Richards and his whole family go to prison for the rest of their lives.) But it puts the parent company, Sony, in a rather embarrassing situation. Since JEOPARDY is a competition, you can't just eat five episodes. But every minute he's on camera it just reminds the audience of what a fiasco this has become and how ultimately they're responsible.
    And now we're back at square one. Sony needs to name a permanent host -- sometime before the polar ice cap melts. After this week Mayim Bialik, who did GREAT, will host for three weeks. After that, I dunno.
    But I found it interesting that when they re-ran the two-week TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS, hosted by Buzzy Cohen, that started a groundswell of support for Buzzy. Newsweek even calls him a new frontrunner.
    Personally, I thought he did a great job. As for former JEOPARDY champion, Ken Jennings, I imagine he's still on the short-list although his voice is a little weak and you hear the voice constantly since the host reads the clues aloud.
    I'd be happy if Buzzy got the gig. I also feel that some of his stiffness and nerves would iron out once he had the job and could relax.
    I'd also be thrilled if Mayim got the full-time gig. Of all the guest hosts I thought she was the best. Just don't let Dr. Oz come within five miles of the studio.