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  • Kim Kardashian again?

    So Kim Kardashian was on SNL last Saturday night. Really?

    Is Kim Kardashian even a thing anymore?

    I didn’t watch it because it, well, I never watch anything Kim Kardashian is on. She’s a person with no noticeable skill or talent and a product of how reality shows can turn vacuous people into vacuous celebrities. What does Kim Kardashian contribute to society in any way?

    Yes, she benefits from nepotism, but nepotism alone isn’t to blame. There are some very successful and deserving offspring of famous people. Ken Griffey Jr., Rob Reiner, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Steph Curry, Hannah Einbinder, J.J. Abrams, just to name a few.

    But not all are worthy. And I was reminded of that recently when TCM replayed a Nancy Sinatra TV special from 1967 recently. Being a big fan of the ‘60s I tuned in for the nostalgia and what I found was this:

    Nancy Sinatra was terrible. She has a two-note singing range. She can’t act. She can’t dance. Her attempts of being sultry and sexy are laughable. If she weren’t Frank Sinatra’s daughter, and didn’t get a record deal on Daddy’s label she couldn’t pass the open auditions of AMERICAN IDOL. “Daddy” even appears in the special (probably why the greenlit it) and the guests included Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra Jr., and singing group Dino, Desi & Billy. Wonder how she got 'em. And if she was trying to show how "groovy" she was in 1967, those were not the guests to get.

    The entire show was cringeworthy, lowlighted by a scene where Nancy basically sings a creepy love song to giant posters of her father. And in one of the posters he’s holding a gun (I laughed out loud).

    The kitsch factor was off-the-charts, which is the only reason I stuck around.

    But looking back, I really resented Nancy Sinatra. Not her personally; she might be a wonderful person — but I resented that she was foisted upon me. I never liked her songs, even “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” and the love duet with Daddy — “Something Stupid” — is beyond creepy. For years I’ve been hearing about the Kardashians — their idiotic exploits, ridiculous marriages, etc. When I hear people talk about them I think, “Why??? Who gives a ****???”

    So I didn’t watch SNL this week. My boots were indeed made for walking.