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    Last FQ’s before Thanksgiving. What’s yours?

    Michael starts us off.

    I know you hated a lot of the music you played as a disc jockey, but could you have survived if you had to play 2 months straight of Christmas music like some stations do today?

    Yes, it might drive me a little crazy, mostly because it’s the same songs. I see that Sirius/XM has 19 channels dedicated to playing Christmas music. There aren't 19 Christmas songs! When I was a DJ I would always work extra shifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day since the holiday meant more to the other jocks than me. So I’d be playing Christmas music for eight hours at a time. But it was tolerable because…

    As a teenager I worked in record stores. Usually during the Christmas break I worked a 12 hour shift. So I was bombarded with Christmas music 12 hours a day for ten straight days. There was no escaping Johnny Mathis.

    So I imagine I could tolerate playing Christmas music on the radio today as long as it was no more than a four-hour shift. And I was allowed to drink... and not egg nog.

    cd1515 has MAD ABOUT YOU FQ:

    I also noticed watching that show that in year four or five when Helen Hunt became a producer suddenly there were a lot more references in the scripts to how “beautiful” her character was.

    Ken, do you think that was a coincidence or is that something a Star Who’s Now Also A Producer would do?

    Well, first of all I never worked on MAD ABOUT YOU nor know any of the staff. So I have no idea whether Helen Hunt used her producer credit to achieve the goal you suggested.

    But I will say this, an actor doesn’t need a producer credit to force the producers into showing them in a more favorable light. Make a big enough stink and be worth it on the screen and an actor gets his way.

    From Irv:

    What is your opinion on showing text conversations? I get that this is how we communicate now, but the type on the screen is usually so small that I almost always have to stop, rewind and move closer to read them (and then also have to read aloud to my wife). I don't find this any different than your pet peeve about inaudible dialogue. Thanks.

    I hate it. I can’t read them on the screen and unlike you, I’m not willing to go back and see it again, or get a bigger big screen or an eye operation to read texts on TV.

    It’s annoying and if done too often can turn off a viewer.

    And finally, from Brian:

    I see this a lot and it drives me nuts. A story will hit the web--[Actor X] joins cast of [Awesome Forthcoming Project.]

    But, the thing is, I know for a fact that [Awesome Forthcoming Project] has been wrapped for months. And there have been no major reshoots to incorporate a new actor/character. So why say someone has "joined" a cast that late into the process when it's obvious they've been with the project the whole time?

    Blame this one of the PR machine. Outlets and trade sites print what they’re sent. I think in some cases, these stories are floated out there just to get a little extra publicity.