Some dumb turkey facts



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  • Some dumb turkey facts

    “Turkey Lurkey Time” from PROMISES PROMISES is the worst song Bacharach & David ever wrote. And they wrote THE BLOB.

    Turkeys have been around for 10,000,000 years. But Brontosaurus used to be the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

    Turkey feathers were used to stabilize arrows. It worked better once they were plucked.

    Benjamin Franklin wanted a turkey to be the national symbol of America, not the bald eagle. This is why Ben Franklin needed glasses.

    Thanksgiving Day really began in 1863. If you think it takes the government forever to pass legislation now

    Turkeys can’t fly. WKRP in Cincinnati learned that the hard (and hilarious) way.

    Californians are the biggest turkey eaters in America. They eat three pounds more than the average consumer. This is all due to one Cracker Barrel in Bakersfield.

    90% of American homes eat turkey on Thanksgiving. The others don’t because they’re afraid the result will be a chip implanted in their heads.

    Happy Thanksgiving!