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  • We're number 29!!!

    ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE recently did an article rating all of Tom Hanks' movies from worst to first. Did you realize he's made 53 movies? Going down the list I must admit there are titles that either I've never heard, don't remember, or didn't know he was in.

    I, of course was holding my breath to see where VOLUNTEERS would fall.


    I'll take it.

    First off, I'm just thrilled it wasn't rated 52. So it's in the middle of the pack. The authors take issue with some of the un-PC elements, which is absolutely fair, but again, remember this was 35 years ago. I think you'd find some objectionable lines and attitudes in THE APARTMENT today too.

    But getting back to this list. Tom has made some brilliant movies, iconic movies, and he has some Oscars to show for them. So I knew we weren't going to be in the top 10. There are also animated films (TOY STORY series and SIMPSONS movie) so I'm not counting those. Then there were a few of their higher choices I didn't agree with and a few I felt should have been rated higher.

    So when you eliminate those, let's say there were 15 of them, you're left with 38 of Tom's "other movies." And in that list we're 14. So in this list we're in the top 15.

    VOLUNTEERS kicks ass.

    Thank you ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE. This was an unexpected surprise.