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  • Don't Fix it if it ain't Broke!

    You may have noticed that the fonts and size of fonts have been a little funky at times lately. That's because Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, decided to change their template. We're told of course this is a big improvement and we can do more whiz-bang things. But the things we've BEEN doing for years we can no longer do. And good luck actually getting a Blogger tech person on the phone to assist you in this transition.

    So please bare with me as I continue to experiment and try to normalize things again. If you happen to be a Blogger expert, please email me at [email protected]. I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers.

    And I only went to the new template because they said as of June 30th the old one would go away. So I had no choice.

    When I do have a choice to upgrade, I've learned to say NO.

    One time my smart phone asked if I wanted their free upgrade. Sure, I stupidly said. With the upgrade in place I discovered my phone no longer synced to the computer. My operating system was too old for the new phone upgrade. So I had to upgrade my whole operating system. Now a lot of programs that had been running fine stopped working because the operating system was too new. So I had to reinstall new versions of long running programs. For months I wrestled with this bullshit. And it all could have been avoided had I just not gotten the phone upgrade.

    So phone upgrades continue to pop up and I say no. They take me to upgrade pages anyway, and I've found the best way to make them go away is when they have boxes at the bottom for "Agree to terms- or "Disagree- - just click on Disagree and poof, it's gone.

    Yeah, I'm missing out of exciting new features. I'll live.