Week 16 of self-quarantining



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  • Week 16 of self-quarantining

    Random thoughts from captivity:

    I'm really learning which meals I can eat all the time and which I can't.

    If you started a pandemic beard and it's still growing you must look like David Letterman by now. And your wife has divorced you.

    CHEERS leaves Netflix tonight at midnight. It's still on Hulu and CBS All Access.

    Hulu also now has JUST SHOOT ME. An episode I directed is one of my favorites, called "Sewer,- from Season 2, Episode 11. Hilarious script by Andrew Gordon & Eileen Conn. It was a real challenge. I had an orangutan, stunts, special effects - but thought it came out great.

    Have you pretty much binge-watched all the shows you want to binge-watch?

    I understand that Costco is now selling coffins. Who buys coffins in bulk?

    Are people setting off fireworks every night because they're just bored or they're idiots?

    And speaking of idiots -- American Airlines is selling every seat again. Why would you ever get on a full flight at this moment in time? Especially since half the moron passengers won't wear masks. Why not just go into a COVID-19 ICU ward and lick the floor?

    Who knew? THE MASKED SINGER was a year ahead of its time.

    Maybe the only progress I've seen: It's easier to get toilet paper.

    Can you imagine what it was like during the pandemic of 1918 when there was no Zoom?

    My hair hasn't been this long since college. I'm going for the Jeff Bridges look now. Call me "the Dude."

    I don't care what they say -- I'll be surprised if they play Major League Baseball this year. Hope I'm wrong. Same with the NFL.

    I'm learning what I don't miss: Going to movie theatres for one. Watching the news for another.

    Drive-In theatres are fun... unless you have to use the bathroom.

    Why is it impossible to get Hebrew National Salamis?

    I gave the new Perry Mason two weeks. I'm done.

    Will Benihana ever re-open?

    Take down any statue but Rocky & Bullwinkle.

    Are you more or less productive than you were at the start of this pandemic?

    JUST SHOOT ME was an underrated show.

    Doesn't last February seem like five years ago?

    Stay safe. Wear masks. Vote by mail. Believe science.