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    Here in LA we had an earthquake last Thursday morning at 4:30 am, centered in the San Fernando Valley. It was quite short but packed a real jolt. I was probably 20 miles from the epicenter and felt it. But there was no damage. Okay, this info you probably know.

    But here's what I find so interesting:

    Deadline.com is the industry website. It's the current version of a trade magazine, as it were. And as such is very Hollywood-centric. This was their headline the morning of the quake:

    Los Angeles Earthquake: Magnitude 4.2 Jolt & Several Aftershocks Rattle San Fernando Valley; Celebrity Residents React

    Celebrity residents react?


    Who gives a ****?

    When you first heard or read about it, was your initial reaction: "What is Tyra Banks, Zach Braff, Lil Nas, and Lilly Singh going through?-

    This town is nuts. During a wildfire last year there was extensive coverage of LeBron James evacuating.

    I would submit there is a certain lack of perspective here in Tinsel Town.

    But my favorite example was this: When President Reagan was shot it happened to be the morning of the Academy Awards. I believe VARIETY (although it might have been THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER) blared this headline:


    And then in much smaller letters:

    You'll be relieved and happy to know Tyra Banks is fine, but the earthquake did wake her up.